Are You Ready to ‘Get Down Tonight’ at 3 Kittens?


It’s hard to believe that the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop is just a couple of weeks away! ‘I’m So Excited!’ At 3 Kittens, it’s time for a ‘Celebration’ and we’re ready to ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie.’ We’ll be ‘Working Day and Night’ to get our store ready for all of you hoppers. We’ve got a little sparkle and a lot of fun in store for you!

Our yarn is from a hand-dyer who isn’t available at other stores in the Twin Cities (or Minnesota for that matter). We’ve only got 250 skeins, so make sure you visit us early in order to get your favorite color, because we may not be able to get ‘More, More, More.’

As always, we’ll have both a knit and a crochet pattern to tempt all hoppers. Check out our patterns (knit and crochet) from last year – they’re available on Ravelry. Our designs this year are going to be ‘Forget Me Not[s]’.


The Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop is exciting and fresh … and exhausting. By the end you might be saying, ‘I Will Survive.’ Who knows – if you’re a 3K Club member, you might even say, ‘You Can Ring My Bell.’ But no matter what, we know you’ll be dancing with joy when you visit 3 Kittens Needle Arts. So ‘Hustle’ on over!