Double Ewe Brings Color to the Hop


Soon spring will be upon us. A time of year I always anticipate with a feeling of eager childlike wonder. When the fields surrender their winter blanket and dress in the colors of spring.

When the birds return in all their colorful plumage to brighten up our sky like a rainbow. It’s a time when we can all feel like a child again, marveling at each new sight and sound.

When my kids were small, we loved the song De Colores by our favorite children’s musician, Raffi. The whimsical sounds and colorful imagery make me small. It’s a celebration of all creation with its many beautiful colors.

“Canta el gallo, cante el gallo
Con el quiri, quiri, quiri, quiri, quiri.
La gallina, la gallina
Con el cara, cara, cara, cara, cara.
Los polluelos, los polluelos
Con el pio, pio, pio, pio, pi.
Y por eso los grandes amores
De muchos colores me gustan a mi.”

You can hear it on YouTube: De Colores by Raffi

Spring also brings the hop, where we travel about to so may lovely stores to see the brilliant new spring colors, each shop adding its own contribution to the vibrant milieu.

We hope you will join us here in Circle Pines at my friendly little shop. Poke around the shop a bit when you visit us and see our good, basic wooly wools and luxury yarns. You’ll find gorgeous handpaints and quality economical blends…in tons of colors. You’ll be surrounded by our great love of many colors.