Music…makes the people…


“Music, makes the people, come together…yeah!” – Madonna

Darn Knit Anyway is so excited for this years theme – Inspired by music!

Who isn’t inspired by music? Music can bring us back to a specific place and time.

What was your prom song? Do you remember? ”

What song did you sing to your kids to get them to fall asleep?

Do you and your love have a song? Have you ever said “they’re playing our song”?

Do you get excited hearing the ice cream truck music?

What song do you crank up with the windows down?

What song makes you dance like no one is watching?

Do you have a certain musical soundtrack on repeat?

All the shops on the hop this year have chosen a musician, genre or song that inspires them. Yarn and patterns are created with this theme in mind!

We are excited about our choice and look forward to sharing it with you in a few short weeks!

hint…it isn’t Madonna:)